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Whole School Transformation

The project was started in April 2018 to make a collaborative effort towards influencing a systemic intervention with two government schools under EDMC with an objective of a Whole School Transformation. 

The Goals of the program

  • Improving Student learning outcome

  • Bring in out of school children to school

  • Developing life skills of children through cultivating empathy, compassion, resilience and entrepreneurial mindset

  • Developing teacher’s pedagogical leadership

  • Strengthening of governance of the school (Academic and administrative) for better processes which leads to increased learning outcome

How are we doing it?

School Leadership

We work closely with the school leader, with an aim to support and work towards bringing in a qualitative shift in process efficiency, staff leadership and the school culture.

Tinkering Sessions_Dec 2019_Nishtha_EveM
Teacher Leadership

Each of the Learning Revolutionaries (Team Members) works with teachers across grades to support them with pedagogic leadership, classroom management, systems thinking, mindfulness and to create compassionate classrooms. 

Community Leadership

The focus of this intervention is to help bring back the community and the school's attention towards the importance of the relationship between the two stakeholders.

LF_September_2019_Mela Day (6).jpg
Tinkering Sessions_Dec 2019_Rahul_Evenin
S.O.I.L (Self Organised Integrated Learning)

With the introduction of this model of learning, the aim is to empower students to take responsibility over their own learning. A dedicated maker space classroom caters to children on a daily basis, co facilitated by teachers and Kshamtalaya's team members.

Meet the Team


Abhilasha Sachan

Chief Learning Movement Officer


Nishtha Kapoor

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Learning Revolutionary


Tina Aggarwal

Learning Revolutionary


Jyoti Yadav

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Learning Revolutionary


Shivani Suji

Learning Revolutionary

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