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Fale Fale Shiksha Muheem

This program is an initiative to address the current learning deficit that we are witnessing across our nation. With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting us second year in a row, the education goals have taken a side stand. Schools have been shut over a year now and we will be experiencing adverse consequences if we don’t adapt to make learning the community’s agenda. 


An article published in India today states that 247 million children in India are affected due to the closure of schools. It has impacted their social connections, emotional well-being as Play has lost its true place that it used to play in their lives. The article also states that efforts must be taken to ensure that there is no loss in learning, as online learning doesn’t work for all children but efforts must be taken to help them stay connected to learning.

Alignment with NEP


Due to the scale of the current learning crisis, all viable methods will be explored to support teachers in the mission of attaining universal foundational literacy and numeracy. Studies around the world show one-on-one peer tutoring to be extremely effective for learning not just for the learner, but also for the tutor. Thus, peer tutoring can be taken up as a voluntary and joyful activity for fellow students under the supervision of trained teachers and by taking due care of safety aspects. Additionally, it will also be made far easier for trained volunteers - from both the local community and beyond - to participate in this large-scale mission. Every literate member of the community could commit to teaching one student/person how to read, it would change the country’s landscape very quickly. (NEP 2020; p 2.7)

Overall Program Goal 


  1. To support 3000 children build their Foundational skills in Literacy & Numeracy.

  2. To create a cadre of 200 Student Leaders (Kshamta Saathis) & support them to build their Life Skills and ignite their entrepreneurial mindset.

  3. To build a support system of 90 Community Ambassadors who will act as catalysts to help reach our vision.

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