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Cluster Excellence Learning Labs


The vision is to demonstrate holistic learning and excellence in governance in all the schools of a cluster. The intervention focuses on creating a center of excellence in each school through specific domain level expertise. Each school will be supported to achieve excellence in holistic learning and effective governance through weekly coaching and demonstration on thematic learning, sports, social, emotional, ethical learning and community leadership. This is a high-intensity demonstration which will be run through a fellowship model.

The domains

SEE Learning
(Social, Emotional, Ethical Learning)

Social, Emotional, and Ethical (SEE) Learning is an innovative K-12 education program developed by Emory University.

SEE Learning provides educators with the tools they need to foster the development of emotional, social, and ethical intelligence for students and themselves.

SEE Learning represents the state of the art in education by enhancing SEL programming with key additional components, including:

1. Attention training

2. Compassion and ethical discernment

3. Systems thinking

4. Resilience and trauma-informed practice

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Ultimate Frisbee

In the latest 11th edition rulebook of USA Ultimate, it quotes the sport to be a non-contact self-officiated disc sport and that enunciates empowerment of the players. This is unique about Ultimate in the array of sports field in our world. This will invariably build social-emotional skills in the players where they have to negotiate, take the right decisions and build empathetic sportsperson spirit. It also encourages mixed-team play that aims to build healthy relationship between the various gender categories.

Theme Based Learning

The essential notion of theme-based teaching is that many different activities are linked together by their content; the theme or topic runs through everything that happens, both in and out of the classroom and acts as a connecting thread for students and teachers. In an effort to achieve a change through schools, we felt that learning needs to be made
joyful, fun filled and most importantly meaningful. And through theme based learning, we see that the child in a
school environment feels the urge to learn new things, question what is there and attempt new
ideas so that they can be ready to face the world they live in.

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School Governance and Community Engagement

This domain focuses on activating School Management Committees, PTM and Bal Sansad initiatives that is mandatory for every school to have. These processes create more accountability in the systems resulting in a more democratic way of functioning brings transparency and accountability.

The fellows in this domain work closely with parents, sarpanch and SMC members.

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