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Our Story

Our Vision

All children will realise their true potential through meaningful, relevant and compassionate education.

Our Mission

  • Bring cluster level systemic change in schools in areas of holistic learning and governance

  • Develops centers of excellence through whole school transformation model

  • Developing a grassroot movement of educators/professionals

  • Develop a culture of dialogue/samvaad around learning and governance in the communities

Our Journey


Kshamtalaya was envisioned and conceived after having witnessed the large spread inequality and inequity in the education system in the tribal-rural block of Kotra, Udaipur.

November 2017

To address the inequality and inequity in the education system, the iDiscover Fellowship was introduced with the first cohort being inducted into the organisation. Fellows from Rajasthan and other states were a part of it. This helped bring in a diverse range of perspectives, stories and journeys to the mission.

April 2019

The SEE Learning (Social Emotional and Ethical Learning) curriculum was launched by the Emory University and the Dalai Lama Trust. Kshamtalaya became one of the key implementation partners in India.

July 2019

To deliver the content and achieve the goals with quality, in Rajasthan we came up with Cluster Excellence Learning Lab (CELL) model, where each fellow is assigned to a domain. The focus is to create centres of excellence within the school which acts as a demonstration that focuses on two main aspects that is holistic learning and school governance & community engagement.

May 2020

With an intention of reaching out to children and communities who lack access to the internet or smart devices, a radio program was initiated, in collaboration with Radio Madhuban. The program is reaching out to children, communities and teachers of Kotra and Gogunda.

June 2017

The Learning Festivals were initiated with an intention and focus on introducing children to various learning mediums and instill in them, life skills, such as - Collaboration, Peer Learning, Self Expression, Creative Confidence and Self Learning. 


Having observed the inequality and inequity that exists in the system, not just limited to tribal or rural areas of the country, Kshamtalaya initiated a project in East Delhi to work with 2 MCD schools towards a whole school transformation.

June 2019

Kshamtalaya collaborated with the SCERT (State Council for Educational Research and Training) Delhi to co-create the Entreprenurial Mindset Curriculum which reaches out to all students of grades 9-12 of the Delhi state government schools. 

April 2020

The onset of the pandemic made us realise and understand the need for supporting and reaching out to the communities and families who have been economically impacted. Kshamtalaya, in collaboration with other local CSOs and various supporters began a COVID relief campaign. Through this campaign, we have been supporting families and individuals in Kotra and Gogunda with dry ration, medical essentials and safety equipment. 

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