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Learning Festivals

The Learning Festivals or LF is a program aimed at building teachers and students abilities on critical thinking, creative confidence, collaboration, innovative pedagogies and other life skills. It is a six-day workshop-mode intervention that exposes the children to multiple learning media and supports them in designing products or services on their own. The program encourages self-learning and working together which aims to develop an entrepreneurial mindset..

The Guiding principles

Joyful Learning

The environment in the learning space will uphold the value of learning with happiness, encouragement and fun. This will motivate children to come to school with a purpose to learn.

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Freedom with Responsibility

The goal should be to empower students to take a part in
their own learning while being held accountable for their
behavior and work product. That can be developed through a system of Consistency and Flexibility within a
learning space.

Initiative Taking

The ability to take initiative is developed through internal
rewards, like creativity, dignity, autonomy, making a
difference for others, and activities that help children
create their own futures. 

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Peer Learning

Peer Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that involves groups of students working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product. Each
member of a team is responsible not only for learning what is taught but also for helping team-mates learn, thus creating an atmosphere of achievement.

Self Expression

Children's perceptions of their social position in the class-
room, the nature of their relationships with others, and

their expressions of personal identity are all tied to com-
munication. Dialog promotes children's self-expression in

their interaction with adults.

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