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The life in rural areas already has its own set of challenges and opportunities. We realised that even if children have a phone in the family, it requires some independence, and intuitive understanding of tech to learn and of course, a lot of motivation. Secondly at most one member could have phone- that excludes other member of the family. Thirdly, electricity is not something you could take for granted here.

Understanding the current reality and emergent needs of the children we realised there could never be a better time to reimagine education and learning. With this intention we came up with an idea of an integrated audio learning program, to reach children with an intention of building connection, culture of community learning and developing resilience. 

The Goals of the program

  • To provide tools of coping with current situation or uncertainty through sessions of mindfulness & well-being podcasts

  • To help children connect to their learning joyfully

  • To develop the skill of listening mindfully

  • To help them to critically evaluate the situations presented and think how they are relevant in their lives.

  • To develop critical thinking when solving riddles and puzzles

  • To be able to use the medium to learn and share their work.

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