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Project Diganth

Kshamtalaya and Educate for Life are working in partnership to support two struggling rural secondary schools in Kotra, an administrative area in Rajasthan in India, to become well-functioning secondary schools to inspire best practice in other schools. Students at these schools will be supported to complete their secondary education and to transition to life beyond secondary school as socially and economically active adults.

The Vision

We aim to transform Mandwa and Jhed Senior Secondary Schools into schools where:


  1. The school leadership team has the understanding, knowledge, skills, interests and mindset needed for effective and efficient school governance and management.

  2. Staff are motivated, understand one another and have developed a growth mindset.

  3. Teachers are equipped with sufficient knowledge and the right mindset to support children in their holistic growth and development. They are able to make learning contextual and relevant.

  4. Students are regularly assessed to support their learning. They make continual progress with their studies, with some continuing their education at tertiary level.

  5. Students are able to contribute ideas for school improvements.

  6. School infrastructure is well maintained and developed as needed.

  7. The local community takes a positive role in the administration and governance of the school through a dynamic School Management Committee and active parent participation.

  8. Local education officials provide active support and recognize the positive outcomes of all school stakeholders working collaboratively. They present the schools as role models to others.

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