Teacher Coaching

Teachers make an integral part of the Education system and coaching them on mindfulness, systems thinking and social and emotional learning can create a more meaningful classroom situation, help teachers cope with the work and lead a to a productive and happy life.

Want to organize workshops on Mindfulness and Social & Emotional Learning for teachers/facilitators/educators in your school/organization?


Placing young people at the forefront of Systemic Change


The iDISCOVER FELLOWSHIP is a 2 year fellowship in Kotra and Udaipur where we aim to bring social and educational equity in learning spaces.

Come Discover Education

Project S.O.I.L.

Self Organized Integrated Learning

A vision where we want to build and contribute to learning spaces where children have free access to ideas, tools and people.

A space where children can transform their ideas and imagination to reality!

Learning Festival

To build a culture of Self-Designed Learning Spaces..

Let us Celebrate Learning!

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Udaipur India

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